Hypnosis Instruction Domains for Sale

Are you an ethical hypnosis teacher or school with high standards who teaches a minimum 100-hour course? Are you transparent tuition?

As you know, hypnosis instructors can get buried in Google searches. To attract students, your domain name must contain the words people include in internet searchs. Unfortunately, nearly all of the best domains have been taken. But there is good news! Due to a hypnosis school closing its doors, we have nine top level hypnosis teaching domains for sale to schools or instructors.

Your investment is only $250 per domain, or $2,000 for all nine. If you acquire even two additional students through these domains, they will pay for themselves…and you will probably get many more! Purchase will be through PayPal. But, as the ads say, act now, as these will not last long.


  1. hypnosisinstruction.net
  2. hypnosisinstruction.org
  3. hypnosisinstruction.info
  4. hypnosis-instruction.com
  5. hypnosis-certification.com
  6. hypnosis-course.com
  7. hypnosiscourse.net
  8. hypnosiscourse.info
  9. hypnosiscourse.org